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The main driver of the concept was to bring the original 1950’s bungalow back to its original form and insert distinctive, contemporary additions. The brief called for an addition utilising passive solar design to provide a master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe and an open plan kitchen and lounge area connected to the rear garden. The existing two bedrooms and entry hall were kept largely unaltered, while the existing lounge was converted into a third bedroom.

The new clipped on addition to the rear of the bungalow is a relatively long and narrow North East facing wing with a mono pitch roof sloping towards the South West. A wide roof overhang on the North East side provides good solar access and sun control to the largely glazed facade. In contrast the South West wall along the boundary has only high level windows for natural light and cross ventilation. The sloped roof provides natural ‘stack’ ventilation through sash windows above the ranch sliders.

The new wing clad in stained plywood panels with expressed horizontal metal flashing joints creates a distinctive contemporary look to contrast with the traditional look of the existing house.