The clients, a professional couple, asked for open plan living, four bedrooms, a study and a double garage.
The traditional Architectural typology on Bell Road is that of one and two storey bungalows and villa’s clad in painted weatherboards. The contemporary design of the proposed house acknowledges this typology in its scale and finish; a two storey building partly dug into the bank resulting in a single storey appearance from the Bell Road side, well below its maximum permitted height which makes it a “good neighbour”. The house reflects the neighbourhood’s physical characteristics and aesthetic.
The sloping site was best utilized by having the living and garage spaces at the top level with the bedroom spaces below. The floating roof is a twisted plane opening the living space to the sun, its tongue and groove ceiling continuing as the roof soffit. The NW elevation is fairly closed to ensure privacy for the proposed house as well as the existing house on Lot 1 while the high level glazing ensures late afternoon sun access into the open plan living space of the proposed house. The SE glazing gives morning sun to bedrooms, bathrooms, study and living spaces while providing a view over the Portland Road valley.


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