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Akepiro apartments

The recessed patio’s provide sun and rain shelter as well as privacy with full height glazing (living and master bedroom areas) to deliver day light (and sun) deep into the apartments, enables passive solar space heating and cooling. Non patio glazing on the external façade, has been kept narrower for sun and privacy control, while still delivering ample day light due to its height.

Life Mark design principles result in safe and adaptable homes that occupants can live in over time regardless of their age.

Hydronic in-slab heating provides auxiliary heating in conjunction with passive solar heating. Floors shall be polished concrete or dark coloured tiles for solar heat absorption/storage. Ventilating windows just below ceiling height induce natural ventilation. The common corridors are naturally ventilated to the roof through a vertical ventilation shaft. The whole of the flat roof is covered in solar PV panels to generate and complement electricity supply to the building. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and stored in the basement, for toilet flushing.

The simple red brick cladding was chosen to enhance the sculptural effect of facade solids and voids and create a building that ages well.