“The slightly concave “gabled” roof shape was chosen as an expression of the nautical function – the concave form of a boat”

The floor plan is based on a simple linear circulation spine that starts at the entry ramp, leads through the building onto the jetty to which the cruise boats moor. The specific functional areas in the terminal – storage, toilets, ticketing, kitchen, terrace, etc. – are aligned along both sides of this spine. The roof is supported by a series of large exposed timber trusses that rest on columns or on the pods. The external cladding of the pods is precast concrete panels with a stylised coral rock pattern reminiscent of local coral rock construction. Some of the internal wall cladding consists of horizontal timber boards. All materials are either left their natural colour or finished to look naturally weathered. This shall contrast with the very bright colours of all the loose and in built furniture (cafe tables & chairs, lounge seats, etc.).


Community / Commercial